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When Hedi, a young filmmaker in Paris, is chosen to create a documentary about St. Augustine, he begins his journey to learn about an influential philosopher who shaped the Western world. To learn about the North African, St. Augustine, Hedi must face his Algerian heritage he left behind years ago. Hedi comes to find that this fourth century man’s life is not so different from his own.

Transported into Augustine’s world, Hedi’s research reveals how Augustine witnessed an undeniable relationship between his mother and God that challenged him to seek the truth for himself. Restless and struggling to manage his relationships, including his forbidden love affair, Augustine searches for meaning. After all other paths leave him unsatisfied, Augustine makes a life-changing decision in pursuit of an authentic faith.

In turn, Hedi finds parallels in confronting family, love, God and truth. He is challenged to reevaluate his own priorities and how they will define his life. Which sacrifices will he make?