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Cardinal Letter

The film taught me a lot about Augustine’s life which I knew very little about beforehand. I was impressed by God’s relentless pursuit of him and the perseverance of his praying mother. Thanks Henri for your visionary leadership!

– Ann Cochrum – CRU

Thank you for your labor of love in bringing this story to life. So informative about Augustine’s life, family, culture. Great paneling between old and modern times. Inspiring for my faith!

-Ken Cochrum, VP Global Digital Strategies, CRU

Vivid depiction of St. Augustine but a real treasure of a mother’s influence and impact on a human beings life! Inspirational to any mother!

– Luchy Leiva, Director, Women Today

Great film! So wonderful to see how God provided all the expertise and actors from N. Africa for this film. The mix of modern and ancient story is great and Augustine’s conversion at the end is so moving… I pray the film will have great impact.

– Erik Butz, CRU

Well done. Very accurate. Very inspiring. The story is well told.

– Javier Garcia, Agape CCC

The story of St. Augustine is fresh and relevant for our time. This film drew me into his life, his experiences, his search and his wisdom.

– Erick & Elizabeth Scenkel, Executive Directors, JFP

A commendable attempt to bring to light both an important personal of Western Civilization and the Christian heritage of the countries that are considered Muslim lands now.

– Alicia Wyrzykowska, Assoc Team Leader, CRU

About Augustine, Son of Her Tears… I have studied Augustine’s life because of his mother’s prayers for him. This movie is authentic, accurate and deeply moving.

– Judy Douglass, Director Women’s Resources CRU

This St Augustine movie is so important to the young generation for them to realize this search for meaning of life’s truth. The wisdom of God. And also the morality given is important to the life of every person.

– Msgr Perseus P. Caburoc

About the movie St. Augustine… We are all sinners. No one is perfect in the eyes of God. Through faith in the Lord Jesus, focusing only on Him, the author and perfector of our faith, we can find true life. No one can lead us to a true life, but only at the time we surrender our life to God and accepted Jesus to be our savior and Lord. Religion can’t save us, only our relationship with Him.

– Fritz Galarpe